Mechanic extrusion of the Tee body neck, starting from an elliptic irregular shape cut on the pipe surface.
Mechanic dies are doing the T neck with high accuracy, avoiding marks or waves on the material surface.
Clamping toolings are flexible for allowing to use always the same mech dies and not change tooling when you are working in the thickness range from 0,3 to 1 mm.
Diameter range is from 60 to 400 mm.
Size tooling change is made in automatic way,  without the need of doing any adjustment or regulation.
Each size requires set of mechanic dies design on purpose.
Pieces worked in the NOVA-MTE machine are after overlapped laser welded on the NOVA-MSL machine.

Tube specification

Diameter range From 60 to 400 mm
Thickness From 0,3 to 1 mm
Material Stainless steel, austenitic and ferritic, Mild steel, Glavanized DX 54, Copper.