Novatec Engineering celebrates 10 years of activity

by Fabiano Nava and Davide Colombo

Orsenigo, April 2022 – Novatec is pleased to announce its first 10 years of activity.

Time has flown by but it has not passed in vain and, since 2012, a lot of water has passed under the bridges to the point that Novatec has been able to grow and evolve according to the expectations that we had set at the time of our departure.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication and expertise of many professionals, customers and suppliers who have supported us over the years, we have been able to build and consolidate a united and determined working group.

This structure allows us to continue to improve and innovate our proposal, to face the continuous and sudden changes in the industrial sector, today more than ever challenging and interconnected and dependent on international scenarios.

Novatec’s presence with our customers consists of more than 150 installations carried out during these first 10 years, of which more than 70% completed abroad in Europe, North America, Canada and India.

Completed projects include stand-alone machines, semi-automatic machines, fully automatic solutions and customized work cells according to customer requirements, representing the commitment, growth and evolution of our company, which has had the ability to meet the expectations of our customers and the market.

Mechatronics, laser, industrial automation and robotics, Industry 4.0, CAD-CAM software, dedicated HMI panels represent the technological center of our company.

Thanks to the solutions and know-how gained over the years, we are committed to developing long-term industrial projects that can promote a continuous innovative upgrade of customers and the market, confirming our role as a strategic partner.

Strengthened by the path we have taken and the goals we have achieved, we are aware that we can respond resiliently to the challenges of the present and the future, increasingly orienting our choices towards sustainable working models and in line with the objectives of ecological transition.

For Novatec, the alignment of production to green quality standards is the new objective to be achieved to create greater value, compatible with a sustainable growth for all.

This is the vision of Novatec and the mission towards which we are already working for our present and for that of our customers.

Our choices and our business are based on the founding values to which we always refer such as reliability, professionalism, and responsibility: this is the DNA of Novatec.

Thank you for the trust and professionalism with which you rely on us every day!