Industry 4.0

The Factory 4.0, daughter of the fourth industrial revolution, is composed of machines completely interconnected with each other, which communicate with each other and carry out self-diagnostics and preventive maintenance.
In particular, the maintenance of machinery by the machines themselves, thanks to  IoT (internet of things), will overtake that of human beings in 2020 for quality, capacity and speed.
Autonomously the degree of production failure, to adopt the best prevention measures and to implement self-repair actions.
Furthermore, in the Factory 4.0 the flexibility of the plants will be such as to allow the products to be customized according to the individual customer.
Robots will work in contact with man and man will learn naturally. The workflow can be reproduced in a virtual way, therefore before physically preparing it in the workshop, to verify its abstract behavior and enhance its performance. The factory will be able to supply itself with energy without waste and at the lowest possible cost, in a word it will be smart.
Incentives and factory investment 4.0


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