Laser technology

Laser cutting

Lasers are capable of carrying out extremely varied cutting tasks.
Application range is from micrometer cuts in wafer-semiconductor chips all the way to quality cuts in heavy metal steel plate until 30 mm thickness. For covering that big variation of thickness different cutting methods are utilized.

Laser welding

Many benefits and advantages are the key for the use of laser technology compared to conventional welding process.

Due to a very small concentration of energy in a small area, that means small heat-affected zone and consequently extremely low distorsion.
Very reduced and narrow welding seam that means no refinishing work on the piece after welding process.
High process speed that means short cycle times.
Laser process is really  well suited to automation.
Very good process control that means better quality welding results.

Without the laser welding technology most of the products cannot be manufacture. From this point of view laser technology is opening a wide opportunities about new design and for the construction of new components.

Laser is showing every day to be a very flexible tool adapt to be employed in the different laser versions like fiber laser,, disc laser, hybrid laser and CO2 lasers.
Combination of right laser technology and suitable clamping fixture are the key for the success for the laser process, to achieve the optimal welding seam.

Today laser technology is extensively present in different industrial field as Automotive, HVAC, Chimney pipe, Tube and sheet metal industries, electrical appliances  and so on.