Insulation of pipes and components through rock wool blowing process

With this blowing work cell the whole range of products like straight pipes, elbows 30°/45°/90°, Tees at 90° and 45°, silencers and special pieces can be easily insulated and fitted of rock wool, with the guarantee of providing a consistent double walled product.

Dual wall insulated products are composed of two pipes; inner and outer pipe and, in between, the rock wool material is blow creating the insulation wall required for this application.

Very important point is the correct and excellent distribution of the insulating material inside of pieces; this factor is crucial for the good material uniformity insulation.
Working cycle of process is very fast and consistent, especially for the components, and the change from one piece to another one is simple and safe.

Blowing cabin is accepting diameter sizes from 80 to 500 mm. For diameter sizes bigger than 500 mm is available a very smart solution for covering and working diameter until 1000 mm.
With this special solution we are also taking care of the handling of such bigger sizes, which is representing an important point to consider.