Reasons for choosing us

Novatec Engineering is a young and dynamic Team of people which is making innovation and quality as a priority in the production of special machinery for tube and sheet metal working. In this field we did many developping and experience regarding tube forming, laser technology and automation for various industrial application. Our activities are based on projects and  solution installed on the field thanks to experience of almost 20 years, combining high standard of efficiency, quality and flexibility…

Reliability, flexibility and efficiency are the KEY words from where we are starting from when we are approaching technologies regarding LASER cutting, LASER welding, tube forming, tube end forming. We are providing various automation levels depending on the Customer requirement and taking care of the specific application.
Reference industrial market are:
Chimney pipes, HVAC, Automotive, Appliance devices.
Following the latest developments,where the LASER technology is utilize, we know and we see a big potential for new industrial markets and new application which will allow us to drive our Company toward a brilliant future.


Thanks to experience and continous growing up of our Team, Novatec can guarantee constant technology evolution, focusing on the latest and future innovations, which are representing the spirit and the values we can offer to existing and potential Custmers.


Strenght of our Company is the CAD mechanic, electric and software designing. Infact we can plan, study, following Customer needs, any solution tailored on purpose.
In our portfolio we can manufacture “stand-alone” machinery, but also working cell with high automation level, providing complete transfering of production processes.
Technical “know-how” and control of the production process is highly requested , and that is all of what we can offer to our Customers and partners.


Important aspect on which we are really focused here at Novatec is the SERVICE after sale to Customer.
Today is an additional “plus” to be able of serving daily during the production Our Customers.
All of our machinery are equipped with service “internet remote connection”  for a real daily follow-up.
Team of mechanic/electric/software technicians are available to assist Customers on site.

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The new NovaCut Automatic

Our machine portfolio

Tube LASER cutting; roll forming and TIG/LASER welding; tube end forming; special solution for components; double wall blowing; robotic work cell.

Strong points


  • Innovative solutions
  • Technical expertise
  • Customize solution
  • Service to Customer

Tube laser cutting

Rilevance of fiber optic LASER for the tube cutting process.

TIG – LASER welding

Welding machinery with dedicate tooling or flexible device

Tube end deformation, sizing, flanging…

Tube end deformation with mechanic tooling or roll forming technology

Customize solution

Machinery for the production of fittings for HVAC and chimney pipes

Roll forming

Tube roll forming with “two-roll forming” technology

NTB Automatic tube line

From blank/Coil to finished round tube “welded in automatic”

Components and special pieces

Elbows 30°/45°/90°, Tees, short pieces…

Robotic work cell

Turn-key solution with automation

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